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I would like to take advantage of the Christmas special offer myself – what options are there?

Option 1

The standard Christmas special offer consists of a 12-month ticket plus a limited DVD/Blu-ray edition. You can order it here.

When ordering the standard Christmas special offer, simply select the option that you would like to use the 12-month ticket yourself. When you complete your order, the 12-month ticket will be immediately deposited in your user account and activated automatically.

Option 2

With the Christmas special offer plus, you receive a limited DVD/Blu-ray edition, as well as a 12-month ticket for your own use and another 12-month ticket as a voucher to give away as a gift. If we are unable to assign your email address to an existing user account, you will receive both 12-month tickets as a PDF voucher by email.

Option 3

The basic Christmas special offer consists of a 12-month ticket discounted by 10 %. The DVD/Blu-ray edition is not included in this offer. The ticket is for your own use only and is not available as a voucher.