Frequently Asked Questions

How to load a concert in offline mode

The Digital Concert Hall app for iOS and Android devices offers an offline mode which enables caching of video content on your device. The offline mode allows you to use the Digital Concert Hall without an Internet connection, e.g. when you are on holiday, travelling, or when your internet connection is very slow.

Video content can be stored in HD or SD quality, depending on the selected preference. HD takes longer and uses more memory on your device. SD loads faster and saves space, but it compromises on image quality. In addition, on iOS, we also offer the option to choose between Hi-res and standard audio.

Stored video content cannot be copied, and is only playable as long as your ticket or subscription is valid. If your ticket or subscription expires, the video content will remain on your device, but can only be played again when you have renewed your access.

Offline stored video content can be played as usual via AirPlay on your TV.