Frequently Asked Questions

Which manufacturers support the Digital Concert Hall?

Currently, the Digital Concert Hall is supported by: 


TV & Bluray player: 

  TV Bluray player Remarks
Sony X X Devices from 2012 / BD player: most models from 2015 
Samsung X X  Devices from 2012
Panasonic X TV sets from 2012 (except models of the GXW704 series)
Bluray player from 2015
LG X   Devices from 2012 
Oppo   X  
Toshiba X   Devices from 2012 
Loewe X   Only devices with UHD
Philips X   Only devices with Android TV
Insignia X   Only devices with Roku TV™
Sharp X   Only devices with Roku TV™
Hitachi X   Only devices with Roku TV™
Hisense X   Only devices with Roku TV™
TCL X   Only devices with Roku TV™


Streaming Boxes:

  Device Remarks
Apple AppleTV Generation 4
Amazon FireTV & FireTV Stick  
Swisscom Swisscom TV  
Razer Forge TV  
Asus Nexus Player  
Telekom Magenta TV Media Receiver 200, 201, 400, 401 & 601 Sat



Collaborations with other manufacturers are being planned. News can be found under "Device" or in our newsletter.

To use the Digital Concert Hall, download the app from the app store of your device manufacturer.