Frequently Asked Questions

What audio & video formats are used to broadcast the concerts?

Our video signal is produced in high definition and encoded to H.264 video format. Audio is always in 48 kHz/24 bit in stereo AAC. We transmit the concerts of the Digital Concert Hall with a method that automatically adapts to the available bandwidth of your Internet connection. Following quality levels are used:

Description Video bit rate Video resolution Audio bit rate
Very Low 444 Kbit/s 640x360 256 Kbit/s
Low 844 Kbit/s 960x540 256 Kbit/s
Medium 1244 Kbit/s 960x540 256 Kbit/s
High 1844 Kbit/s 1280x720 256 Kbit/s
Very high 2244 Kbit/s 1280x720 256 Kbit/s
Highest (only archive concerts) 3280 Kbit/s 1920x1080 320 Kbit/s

Since the 2017/2018 season, our archive concerts have also been available in 4K UHD quality. Currently, these concerts are supported on the following devices: Concerts in 4K UHD