Frequently Asked Questions

Quality and use of our music formats.

In addition to the CD format, our recordings are available as Pure Audio Blu-ray Disc, on vinyl, or as uncompressed digital audio files. Here you can find out all about the advantages and requirements of the different formats.

Pure Audio Blu-ray Disc

Our Pure Audio Blu-ray disc can be played on any standard Blu-ray player. The audio signal provides uncompressed studio quality. In addition, you will find concert videos and bonus films in HD.

Navigation without a screen:
You can also listen to the music without switching on the TV screen. Use the remote control like with a CD player and the usual buttons: play, pause, skip, track number, etc.
The red and yellow buttons on your Blu-ray remote control allow you to change sound formats, even while listening.

High Resolution Audio / 24-bit studio quality

Today's technology allows digital audio playback at a resolution that goes far beyond the level of a standard CD. Sound recordings in 24-bit correspond to the quality level of a professional recording studio, but not every device can play files of this format.


The renaissance of vinyl records is unstoppable. For many, analogue playback is the only true "High Resolution". For the Schumann Vinyl edition, our "180 gram, Virgin Vinyl" quality standard long-playing records are produced according to the most modern standards in a renowned German factory and meet the highest audiophile demands.